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IFC delegates to get a taste of Wisdom Fish

IFC delegates to get a taste of Wisdom Fish

Delegates at the in Holland this week will get a preview of the services on offer from Wisdom Fish, “experts in transforming individuals, groups and organisational cultures through mindfulness”.

The company, which will be launched publicly in 2017, has been developed by HOME Fundraising, the  fundraising company. It offers organisations “the guidance and practical tools they need to achieve transformational change at an individual, group and organisational level”.

At the IFC, Wisdom Fish will provide:

  • daily meditation sessions
  • a Power Hour discussion on how leaders can create thriving organisational cultures, and
  • an interactive session on recognising one’s impact and changing our outcomes.



The company provides a range of self-development and leadership courses, large-scale events, bespoke training and immersive consultancy services.

Sarah Carter, one of the founders of Wisdom Fish and Head of Leadership at , explains:

“The concept behind Wisdom Fish is to dive beneath the superficial. Once we can see what is going on beneath the surface, we’re no longer at the mercy of events or unconscious motivations. We can influence them; we can change them and so change our outcomes.”


  • If you got to the IFC and attend one of these sessions why not let us know what you thought of them? Add a comment below.

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