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Four universities to share in £17.7m of research funding

Melanie May | 4 October 2016 | News

Four universities, including the University of Glasgow, are to benefit from a share in £17.7m of funding for new healthcare technologies research.
The research programme grants were announced by Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson and will support programmes to develop new technologies aimed at addressing the health issues of an ageing UK population.
The research programmes are funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and will be led by the University of Glasgow, the University of Manchester, Imperial College London and the University of Leeds. The University of Glasgow programme is to receive around £4.5 million.
The research programmes will focus on:

Professor Philip Nelson, chief executive of the EPSRC, said:

“More of us are living longer than before. It is vital for us to continue to invest in science and engineering research so we can ensure we have active, healthy and high quality later years. The EPSRC is striving to make the UK a healthy nation and one where research, discovery and innovation flourishes. These programmes will help deliver both of these objectives.”


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