Inspiration from four fantastic legacy legends – part four

Howard Lake | 5 September 2016 | Blogs

Things are really hotting up at Remember A Charity HQ as we hit the last week in our countdown to Remember A Charity in your Will Week
We can’t wait to launch the week on Monday and share our bold new creative. This year looks set to be our most exciting campaign so far, with more charities than ever encouraging their supporters to consider how they can pass on something truly legendary to future generations – a gift in their Will.
To keep you going until next week, we are celebrating another legacy legend from last year’s campaign. Meet Jean Shields…

Jean Shields, Shark Diving Legacy Legend for the RNLI

President of the Troon fundraising branch, septuagenarian Jean Shields decided to put her bucket list to good use to raise funds for the RNLI.
A lifelong supporter of the charity and with her grandson a member of her local Troon lifeboat crew, Jean has made a splash in her community by diving with sharks and driving army tanks to fundraise for the RNLI. Clearly a very busy woman!
Fearless Jean had spent time diving with her husband, so for her the fun outweighed the danger by far.

Jean Shields swims with sharks in aid of RNLI

Jean Shields, shark-swimming grandmother and living legend for RNLI

If you liked Jean’s approach, don’t forget Hugh’s abseiling feats, Briony’s mountain hike or the fundraising team at Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

What wisdom will you pass on to future generations?

This year’s Remember A Charity Week will call on the British public to pass on something legendary, tweeting their advice for future generations at #MyWisdom and remembering a charity in their Will. Charities, Government, solicitors and Will-writers will all come together to encourage the public to leave a gift to charity in their Will.


Take part in Remember A Charity Week

It’s not too late to take part, find out more at Remember A Charity Week.
Louise Pavoni
Louise Pavoni is Digital Communications Manager at Remember A Charity, the consortium of 170 charities working to make legacy giving a social norm. She manages the website and social media channels, digital advertising and delivers a range of online content.