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Pell & Bales goes into liquidation

Less than two months after it was sold by Parseq, telephone fundraising agency Pell & Bales has closed.

The agency was placed into liquidation by its creditors, with the loss of 20 full-time jobs as well as a number of zero hour contracts.

The backlash against telephone fundraising has caused problems for a number of agencies. Others to have closed in the last two years include GoGen, R Fundraising, and Personal Telephone Fundraising.


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A statement released by the agency’s PR team said that a period of intense media scrutiny and government measures to regulate the activities of telephone donation agencies was to blame for its collapse.

“Pell & Bales and its sister company have undergone extensive restructuring of their operations over the past few months. However, despite these measures the challenging market place has meant it just is not possible to maintain the Pell & Bales business.”

Pure Fundraising, the sister company to Pell & Bales that was sold at the same time, continues to operate.

Pell and Bales