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Live mystery shop offer to five Irish charities

Howard Lake | 10 August 2016 | News

Pure Fundraising is teaming-up with Charity Hack 2016 to offer five Irish charities the chance to take part in a live mystery shop in Dublin on Monday September 12th 2016.
Charities will have the chance to discover how donors experience their charity as staff from Pure Fundraising assess the charity’s donation journey through the eyes of the supporter.
Pure Fundraising will make two live donations during the mystery shop, one cash and one direct debit. It will provide a live assessment to assess whether aspects of the journey are driving overall commitment and loyalty to the charity.
This is the first time that Pure Fundraising has teamed-up with Ireland based charity hack. The event involves a team of volunteer journalists, fundraisers, marketers and designers who work in over one day to provide key solutions to some of the biggest problems that Irish charities face.
Group Account Director at Pure Fundraising, Jessica Bianchi-Borham said:

“The Pure Fundraising team are very excited to be supporting Irish charities in using the phone to engage and inspire their supporters. We also look forward to sharing the in-depth learning from our Mystery Shopping programme which we feel can really help enhance communications to ensure they build loyalty and commitment with supporters.”

Kevin Delaney, creator of Charity Hack said:


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“Charity Hack was started to provide charities with the opportunities and skills they couldn’t afford or access by themselves. The chance for five worthy organisations to receive expert advice and help from Pure Fundraising is amazing and will be a huge help for the lucky charities.”

To apply for the mystery shop as part of Charity Hack 2016 in Dublin to register your interest.  Registrations are only open to Irish charities and close today, 10 August 2016.