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Door-to-door recruitment down 14% but street recruitment up, PFRA reveals

Door-to-door recruitment down 14% but street recruitment up, PFRA reveals

Door to door recruitment fell by 14% in the year to March 2016, while overall donor recruitment fell by 8% according to figures in PFRA’s annual report for 2015/16.

769,750 people donated last year through face-to-face fundraising, while the year saw PFRA members recruit a total of 594,000 donors through door-to-door. This figure was down 94,000 from 688,000 the previous year, with London seeing the biggest change with a fall of 28%. The report also reveals that 98% of donors recruited door-to-door were signed up by external provider teams: up 9% on the previous year.

Street fundraising recruitment rose by 15%, by 23,000 to 176,000, with just 40% of donors signed up via this method being recruited by external provider teams. This has also risen however, by 5% on the previous year.

The report also includes a breakdown of rule breaches made by PFRA members. The most were non-compliant solicitation statements, at 32%. This was followed by “other” breaches, which accounted for 27%; distance visibility at 12%, proximity to street features at 11%, with breaches in relation to the three-step rule and site delineation accounting for 9% each.

Statistics in the report on site management agreements (SMAs) show that 116 are now in place across the UK. 84% of local authorities surveyed said their SMA had been successful, with 65% of councils seeing a decrease in complaints since their SMA had been implemented, and 89% saying they would recommend them to other local authorities.


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