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Gameloft launches competition in support of endangered animal charities

Melanie May | 20 June 2016 | News

Gameloft, the mobile games developer, is donating $25,000 to charity with the launch of an international competition between seven global YouTube stars that highlights a number of endangered animal charities.
From 16th-23rd June, seven YouTube influencers, which include Callux, GlitterForever17 and Julienco, will each play one of the seven themed dragons added to the Dragon Mania Legends® game in the latest release, each one supporting a different animal charity.
The YouTubers are competing with each other to collect the most tokens pledged in-game from their respective audiences.  The one with the highest number of ‘Golden Paws’ will win the event and Gameloft will donate €25,000 to the charity that the winner supported.
The charities involved are: The Gorilla OrganizationWDC, Whale and Dolphin ConservationPandas InternationalPolar Bears International, Save the Rhino, Sea Turtle Conservancy, and Snow Leopard Conservancy.
Gonzague De Vallois, Gameloft senior vice president of publishing said:

“Mobile gaming offers great opportunities for activities like this. We can integrate the event into the game and donate money and raise awareness for great causes, while also enhancing the player experience”.



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