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Online charity bingo site attracts 1,000 new players a month

Howard Lake | 30 November 2007 | News

Gaming Ventures Plc reports that bigheartbingo.co.uk, “the UK’s only charity bingo site”, has recorded a tenfold increase in the numbers of customers registering since the new Gaming Act came into force.

The company attrbites the rise in registrations to the growth in advertising for commercial bingo sites that followed the legalisation of online bingo under the new Gambling Act.

The three most popular charity sectors bing selected for support by site users are animal charities (28% of the popular vote), cancer research (19%) and children’s charities (18%). Individual campaigns such as the Adam Griffin Cancer Appeal have received 5% of the popular vote.


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Jeremy Collis, originator of the Charity Bingo concept, said: “These new players all select the charity sector they wish to support and then 50% of BigHeartBingo’s net revenue goes to charities in the sector those players have selected.”