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Striday app encourages exercise and raises money for charity

Melanie May | 10 June 2016 | News

An app has launched that encourages people to swap their motorised travel every Friday for a more active walk, run, or bike ride, and donate the money saved to charity.
Striday is a free app that operates year-round each Friday by encouraging people to ‘Go Green for Good on Friday’, although it can also be used on other days. It currently works on iPhones running iOS version 8.0 or later, with an Android version to become available later in the year.
Striday tracks the user’s trip and the distance they have walked, run or cycled, and calculates the savings made compared to their usual journey. The user can then choose a charity to donate the money to that they have saved. The app also lets users challenge others to take part.
Participating charities currently include Frank Water, Magic Breakfast, and Kids Run Free. Other charities interested in participating are invited to contact Striday for more information.
Director and co-founder Simon Blackburn said:

“Striday is free for everyone – we don’t charge charities to partner with us. It’s important to us that we offer a platform that charities of any size can benefit from. The more attractive their message the more our members will feel want to support it. Although we act as event organiser, marketer and motivator, our business works in a similar way to established fundraising platforms like JustGiving. We’re looking to include features such as a reward programme but the focus is on donations so we’ll only add elements members really want.”



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