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JustGiving total raised passes $4 billion

JustGiving has now handled over $4 billion for good causes around the world. Of this, $2 billion has been raised in the last two years.
Founded 15 years ago in February 2001, the online giving platform was designed to make charitable giving easier and more effective through the power of digital technology.
Over 26 million people have used the site to donate, fundraise or crowdfund for good causes.
JustGiving has developed an extensive understanding of charitable giving behaviour and is using this to enhance the personalisation of its service. Not only can people donate in response to friends’ messages and activities but they can also discover other relevant people and causes to support.
Last year it added a crowdfunding tool to its site which has been used by 43,000 people to raise money for friends, family members and personal causes.
JustGiving is frequently used for emergency or newsworthy appeals. Donors and fundraisers helped to reopen Manchester Dogs Home after it was burnt down, and in the twelve months since June 2015, over 4,000 people have fundraised and crowdfunded to raise over $8.5 million to support refugees around the world.
Zarine Kharas, co-founder and chief executive of JustGiving, said:

“In 2001, Anne-Marie Huby and I set out to build a sustainable business that was mission led and had social values at its core.  JustGiving has been investing and innovating on behalf of good causes ever since and we’re both enormously proud of its achievements in connecting people to the causes they care about.  None of it would have been possible without the trust of our charity partners, the 26 million people who have given through JustGiving over the years and the hard work of the team at JustGiving.”



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