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9 statistics about eBay for Charity in the UK

9 statistics about eBay for Charity in the UK

This month for Charity announced that, thanks to buyers and sellers, it has now raised over £100 million for charities in the UK.

Here are nine more statistics about the programme that lets individuals raise and donate money for their favourite charity on the popular trading site.

  1. There are more than 10,000 UK charities benefiting from eBay for Charity.
  2. Last year alone, eBay for charity raised over £19m in the UK.
  3. £39 is raised every minute in the UK from people buying and selling on
  4. In the UK over 150,000 charitable listings have been created using the eBay app.
  5. There have been more than 15,500 phones, tablets and laptops sold via eBay for charity raising over £2m in charity funds.
  6. In the past year there have been more than 675 cars and bicycles sold in the UK to benefit a charity, raising over £123,000 in charity funds.
  7. There are over 200,000 charitable listings available in the UK today.
  8. In the past year nearly 113,000 dresses, jumpers, jeans and handbags have been sold in the UK to benefit charity – the equivalent of one item of clothes for every seat in Wembley Stadium and The Oval cricket ground.
  9. The total raised by Gift Aid and Donate Now in the UK amounts to an impressive £324,478.

By the end of last year, eBay for Charity had raised more than £662 million around the world.
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