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Motivation campaign tackles childhood disability in Uganda

Melanie May | 4 May 2016 | News

Motivation is raising funds in a new campaign to help disabled children and their families in Uganda.
The appeal launched this week and aims to raise £100,000 to support both some of the 2.5m disabled children in the country and their families in a number of ways, including helping children learn to use a wheelchair and teaching their families to better understand and cope with their child’s disability and develop skills to help fight poverty.
According the Motivation, disabled children represent one of Uganda’s most marginalised and vulnerable groups, with a high percentage living in poverty and many dying before they reach five years old from preventable health complications.

The charity will also see all public donations to the appeal made before 3rd August doubled by the Government as a recipient of its UK Aid Match Scheme.
David Constantine MBE, president and co-founder of Motivation said:

“We chose the theme ‘When I Grow Up’ because we realised that it was such a universal statement. We’ve probably all said those four words as children, usually at the beginning of a sentence that goes on to express our hopes and dreams for the future. It should be no different for a disabled child living in a developing country – and through this appeal we can help make that happen.”