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Islamic Relief recreates war-torn Aleppo in experiential event

Islamic Relief recreates war-torn Aleppo in experiential event

Islamic Relief has transformed a warehouse in East London into the war-torn streets of Aleppo in an event aimed at raising awareness and funds for those affected.

The charity’s first experiential event, A Night in Aleppo was presented with The Emerald Network and aimed to provide an insight into what it is like to live in Syria.

Against a background of rubble and shattered buildings, and the sounds of bombs and gunfire, attendees saw damaged shops, a school, and a makeshift hospital.

Aid workers were seen risking their lives to provide food, water and other life-saving aid including medical supplies. Actors played the part of a variety of Aleppo’s residents, talking to those attending about their lives, recounting the real-life experiences of those who live in the city.

To help raise funds, the event included several fundraising prompts during the night, including within a speech from the charity’s deputy director Tufail Hussain and in the actors’ dialogue. Donations are still being processed but the charity’s projections suggest that the event has raised at least £15,000.

Fatima Ribeiro, the charity’s head of corporate partnerships, said:

“We were looking to offer people an immersive experience into what the living conditions of the Syrian people are like, five years after the start of the conflict, and use a softer fundraising technique, rather than the traditional methods.”










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