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Funding available for arts and culture fundraising events

Funding available for arts and culture fundraising events

Arts Funding & Philanthropy has put out a call for applications for to support fundraising training , conferences, seminars or introductory meetings.

It is offering funding to pay some of the associated costs that arise from organising events in order to encourage and support networks, collaboration and group learning in fundraising across England in the and cultural sector.

These costs may include participants’ travel costs, venue hire, catering, fees for speakers/guests, or any other relevant expenditure. The Arts Funding & Philanthropy programme will pay costs up to a maximum of £1,500 net for any single event.

Proposals must include:

  • The name /nature of your network/group/cohort
  • Group lead(s) and members (names, job roles, organisations). if the group consists of more than 20 people, please give the overall number of members and a general description of them
  • Why your group/cohort would like to work together, or is working together
  • The activity you would like to receive support for, and how this activity will strengthen fundraising skills across the group/cohort
  • Who will deliver it, location, and date(s)
  • How learning will be distributed throughout your group/cohort, and wider if applicable
  • A draft budget, including all expenditure and income, including a breakdown of the costs you would like to be covered by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy
  • Why you would like us to cover the costs of the event, and how this support will help your existing group do something new, or help you establish a new network or group
  • How you believe this event will help strengthen arts & cultural fundraising for your network or group

More information is available at, and applications can be emailed to before 10am on 3rd May.


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