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Emerging Payments Association promotes Pennies for microdonations

Emerging Payments Association promotes Pennies for microdonations

Digital charity box Pennies has been chosen by the Emerging Payments Association as its official charity partnership. The Association will encourage all those within the emerging payments sector to enable charitable donations by card, thereby boosting the sums raised. Pennies enables people to make small donations to good causes when they pay by card in a quick, frictionless manner. It is the digital equivalent of putting a few pennies in a charity collection box. Last month it passed the 21 million microdonations mark, benefiting over 100 UK registered charities. Tony Craddock, Director General of the EPA, explained the partnership, saying:

“The key to significant consumer adoption of a new payment tool is to make it simple and effortless. Pennies has identified an ideal point in the payment process to target the consumer, in a way that is familiar through tipping in restaurants. Given the complexity of the industry, the success of any emerging payments initiative relies on good collaboration with the right partners. The EPA is delighted to be playing its part in supporting a good cause through our community alongside our mission of advancing payment innovation.”

20 million micro-donations to Pennies Pennies’ technology partners include Barclaycard, Verifone, HTEC, Global Payments and Worldpay. Launched five years ago in November 2010, it has been working with a network of retail partners in various sectors who include the Pennies donation step in their payments process. It has raised over £4.5 million for UK charities. Speaking at the Emerging Payments Awards 2015, held in London this month, Pennies CEO Alison Hutchinson urged more partners to become part of the Pennies movement. She said:

“Thank you to the Emerging Payments Association for selecting us as their chosen charity; our association will help raise the profile of Pennies in this exciting and fast paced industry, and I urge the new innovative players to consider Pennies as a value added capability to enable social good, as they build their new technologies”.


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