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Greenpeace International to develop international legacy fundraising strategy

Greenpeace International is creating a new integrated strategy to increase income from legacies across its 14 national and regional offices.
It has commissioned charity specialist marketing consultancy Moving Thinking to help it make the most of legacy gifts across diverse fundraising markets. They will assist the campaigning organisation by diagnosing its strategic challenges, developing an integrated planning framework to co-ordinate activity across national and regional offices, and creating a new toolset to help each office implement activity.

Mark Cook, MD of MovingThinking

Mark Cook, MD of MovingThinking

Mark Cook, director of Moving Thinking said:

“Greenpeace is uniquely placed to capitalise on trends and create a step change in their legacy fundraising. It’s critical that the new strategy accounts for the huge variety of challenges and opportunities that each of their offices face, so we’ve created a flexible strategic framework and map. This new approach to strategy will enable offices to focus where the biggest opportunities lie in their markets, and work together towards shared long-term objectives.”

Stephanie Allen, Greenpeace International’s Head of Key Relationships, added:


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“Through aligning our national and regional offices plans against global legacy goals, we believe we can unlock the huge latent legacy potential that exists for Greenpeace and that the strategy development process will empower and drive the performance of our network of legacy fundraisers worldwide.”