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Ammado to handle donations on OnGood

Howard Lake | 31 March 2015 | News

Global donation platform ammado is to offer online giving on OnGood, the online community for NGOs and nonprofits set up by the Public Interest Registry.
Ammado already connects nonprofits and individuals in 140 countries to more than 1.6 million charitable organisations around the world. It operates in 12 languages and supports 80 currencies and 30 payment methods.
Any nonprofit registered on ammado.com can display the ammado Giving Widget on their OnGood profile and start receiving donations. Indeed, The Giving Widget can be embedded into any website to process donations from anywhere in the world.

.ngo and .ong

Public Interest Registry set up OnGood after it secured the rights to offer the new .ngo and .ong domains for qualifying nonprofit organisations.
OnGood features a searchable directory of nonprofits, each of whom can create profile pages to showcase their work, publish information and appeal for financial support.
Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry, said:

“OnGood aims to empower NGOs and non-profit organizations globally, to increase awareness of their missions and to help raise funds. An easy-to-use, international donation capability is crucial to this effort, and we’re delighted to join with ammado to provide access to the simple and powerful donation technology that ammado brings.
“Through OnGood, NGOs and nonprofits of all sizes and geographies can collect donations and improve their impact through ammado’s universally accessible platform.”


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Peter Conlon, CEO of ammado, commented:

“This exciting new affiliation utilises ammado’s key strength to facilitate donations globally with a unique user experience and a seamless link to partner services. Most of all it will make it incredibly easy for all kinds of nonprofits to fundraise online and increase the overall amount of charitable giving they receive”.