New download to help promote fundraising events

Howard Lake | 23 September 2003 | News

The Breast Cancer Campaign is offering a free download to remind supporters via their PC’s calendar.

Charities can give away quite a few attractive or useful gimmicks via their Web site. Button adverts for their supporters, posters, screensavers or games have proved popular over the years.

The Breast Cancer Campaign is, however, the first charity that we have spotted encouraging people to download a vCalendar file. It is doing so to help promote its wear it pinkĀ® day on 31 October 2003. The vCalendar format is supported by desktop calendars/peronsal information managers such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Organizer.


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By downloading and installing the file, the charity will be adding a reminder about the date to supporters’ electronic diaries.

This is a simple and easy approach for any charity to use to promote its events, so we expect to see it emulated elsewhere.