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CARE International launches outdoor fundraising campaign on London Underground

Howard Lake | 18 March 2015 | News

Care International UK is advertising its latest fundraising campaign on child health on London Underground.
Working with WPN Chameleon, the charity is using two creative approaches, with the aim of standing out in a saturated market.

Drink problem

CARE International's drink problem advert on London Underground

Play on words with a serious message: CARE International UK’s campaign on London Underground

With their ‘drink problem’ advert, the charity is attempting to use a common phrase and problem that the general public is aware of but to use it in a different context.
The charity argues that access to clean drinking water is a basic human need and right. Yet disease and bacteria-ridden water still kill a child every 60 seconds somewhere in the world.
Combining the phrase ‘drink problem’ with the image of an innocent child, the charity aims to attract attention and invite the traveller to find out more.

Facing death

CARE International UK's Facing Death campaign on London Underground

The killer and the victim: CARE International UK’s campaign on the London Underground

Promoting its work tackling malaria and its consequences is hard as there are plenty of malaria-related charity adverts on poster sites, in public toilets and on the Tube. Simple stating that “a child dies from malaria every 60 seconds”, however stark, will not stand out on its own these days.
So CARE International UK has taken a different angle, focusing on the fact that children in high-risk areas are “facing death” from malaria if they do not have access to a mosquito net.
The headline and imagery used in the advert puts the viewer face to face with the killer, and with the potential victim.
The campaign on London Underground follows on from the charity’s ‘Child Killer’ DRTV campaign which was launched last year. The TV commercial will run again during this poster campaign.


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Premium text

The campaign invites donations via a premium text number.
Media has been planned and bought by All Response Media and TV production by the Bank.
David Conway, Supporter Acquisition Manager at CARE International UK commented:

“The outdoor premium text market is ever increasingly becoming saturated. For a creative to cut through, it must fire on all cylinders; image, copy, and above all else, tangibility of the proposition”.

Maria Phillips, Director of TV and Film at WPN Chameleon, added:

“Childkiller was all about turning something that is seen as an everyday harmless and inanimate presence (water) into an active, lurking ‘villain’ (childkiller).   We almost humanised it – i.e. it’s lurking in wait to kill a defenceless child”.