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Charity Advertising Exchange to offer reduced online ad spend to charities

Howard Lake | 28 January 2013 | News

CHADEX has developed an online advertising marketplace for UK charities, enabling them to target online donors more effectively and at low cost.

The company has developed an advertising platform that combines real time bidding technology with the ability to target particular types of potential donors. As a result, CHADEX claim that “this new technology ensures charities never pay more than they need to for each donation”.

The bidding process is designed to help charities better understand the value of each donor before they buy the advert.


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CHADEX see the service as useful both for fundraising and brand campaigns by charities, but also for last minute emergency campaigns.

Charities can book campaigns via an advertising agency or direct with CHADEX’s account management service.

Avoiding duplicate bids

CHADEX’s system will also help charities avoid paying twice for the same advert. When agencies buy space across multiple platforms it is sometimes unavoidable for charities to duplicate bids and accidentally compete against themselves resulting in a higher cost per acquisition (CPA).

CHADEX eliminates this risk by offering a single buying channel that links in with other platforms and agencies’ systems”

CHADEX’s founder Lee Cassingham said: “We built CHADEX to help charities target donors with accuracy irrespective of their size or budget. Campaign success should be about the strength of the message and not the size of the campaign budget”.

Cassingham has a background in advertising for charities and has worked for clients such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Comic Relief and Action Aid.


Photo: ntang on Flickr.com