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Pro bono legal advice for 30+ charities from Axiom

London-based charity and social enterprise clients of Cause4, the “disruptive philanthropy” agency, are to receive pro bono legal services support from Axiom, the global provider of tech-enabled legal services.
The initiative is part of Axiom Engage, the firm’s CSR programme, which is active in the USA. It will result in Axiom staff sharing their skills with charities and social enterprises, but also benefiting from training through volunteer opportunities.
Axiom’s staff will also be encouraged to undertake training to become charity Trustees as part of Cause4’s Trustee Leadership Programme, in partnership with financial services firm Close Brothers.
Nick West, Managing Director of Axiom UK said:

“We have an incredible range of legal talent at Axiom, but our team also consists of highly-skilled experts in business and operations, so we were keen to find a partner who could benefit not only from pro-bono legal advice, but from a whole range of business expertise. Partnering with Cause4 has enabled us to create a programme which includes pro-bono legal advice, mentorship opportunities and an industry-unique charity Trustee training programme.”

Michelle Wright CEO of Cause4 added:


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“We are excited to be working with Axiom on a variety of charity sector change projects that I believe will bring a fresh outlook to the legal and project management needs of charities in the UK.”

Part of a larger partnership

The new pro bono legal clinic for Cause4 charity and social enterprise clients in London, is just part Axiom’s investment in sector-wide initiatives with Cause4.   Other upcoming activities include “major catalytic philanthropy projects” and “a new international digital offering for the charity sector”.
Photo: Pro bono by marekuliasz on Shutterstock.com