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New Bitcoin donation handbook for nonprofits

Howard Lake | 5 February 2015 | News

Curious about whether and how to accept donations via cryptocurrency Bitcoin? Now charities and nonprofits have a handbook that explains how they can do so.
The Bitcoin Handbook for Non-Profits has been published jointly by the Bitcoin Embassy and Bitcoin Foundation Canada, both of which “promote positive users of Bitcoin”. The 54-page free handbook features articles, tutorials and testimonials.
It has been published on a new site, GiveBTC.org, wihch promotes Bitcoin’s potential for nonprofit organisations.
It includes sections answering common questions such as How do I store Bitcoins?, how do I protect myself from the fluctuating price?, and why accept Bitcoin?

Content in the Bitcoin Nonprofit Handbook

Content in the Bitcoin Nonprofit Handbook

Bitcoin Donation Directory

Also available for free on the site is the Bitcoin Donation Directory, “the most complete list of non-profit projects and organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations”. According to the authors, 350 nonprofit organisations are listed as accepting Bitcoin for payment or donations, and they expect that number to rise as volunteers contribute more examples.
Bitcoin Donation Directory

Bitcoin and nonprofit organisations

The publishers argue that Bitcoin is a useful solution for nonprofits. They state that:


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

“By using Bitcoin, outside constraints on fundraising such as high donation payment fees, censorship and privacy violations are no longer constraints imposed by the financial system. Non-profits can also greatly increase their transparency and efficiency– the pillars of charitable giving – by using Bitcoin for payroll or to fund project expenses”.

The Handbook, a digital download, has already been distributed to over 5,000 nonprofits around the world. It and the content on the website is the product of collaboration between 15 volunteers from around the world. Its authors describe it as “a grassroots effort led by regional organisations… dedicated to promoting Bitcoin, industry leaders and volunteers”.
They welcome contributions of other content, advice and case studies to the website.