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New monthly digest for fundraising prospect researchers from Sunrise Publishers

Howard Lake | 4 February 2015 | News

Sunrise Publishers, who publish the WealthWatch printed magazine, will this month publish the first edition of a new monthly digital digest of news about potential sponsors and major donors.
Marc Thorne of Cornwall-based Sunrise Publishers explained that the new online service was designed for those researchers who did not have the time to make the most of the printed magazine’s detailed content on the income, special interests and business and social connections of Britain’s multi-millionaires.
Thorne said:

“We… know that not everyone has the time or resources to take full advantage of the in-depth research contained in the print edition. So our new online digest will provide bite-sized summaries drawn from the magazine’s key items – that is, hot tips about who may be worth targeting rather than full-blown fact files.”

He added that the lower price of the digital digest might also help open up prospect research to smaller organisations with smaller research budgets.
• Subscription to the new WealthWatch Digest costs £100 for 12 issues a year. Sunrise are offering the first two editions free to those subscribing between now and April 2015.
• Subscriptions to the main WealthWatch magazine remain at £600 a year for 12 issues, containing an average of 33 pages.
but anyone placing an order between now and April will get their first two editions free.
Both titles can be ordered separately or together from WealthWatch.


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