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New agreement on Irish charity data to be revealed at conference

Howard Lake | 26 January 2015 | News

Fundraising Ireland has announced a provisional agreement for a data protection code of practice for the charitable sector in Ireland.
The agreement is based on a recent survey conducted by Fundraising Ireland, the Irish Computer Society (ICS) and the Association of Data Protection Officers.
The ICS and Fundraising Ireland will engage with the charitable sector via consultation workshops around the country to gain feedback and input into the agreement.
A formal announcement will be made by Dara Murphy, Minister of State with Special Responsibility for European Affairs and Data Protection at the National Data Protection Conference 2015 in Dublin Castle on 28 January.
The conference will include a special session and explanation of the data protection code. There is a charity rate of €100 to attend the conference.
In 2011 the Office of Data Protection produced a set of guidelines for the charity sector which included the following in relation to charities and data:
• Information must be fairly collected and all donors must be provided with adequate notice of how their personal data will be processed.
• If a charity has information about people and wishes to use it for a new purpose, the charity is obliged to give an option to individuals to indicate whether or not they wish their information to be used for the new purpose.
• Only the minimum necessary personal data should be sought by charities.
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