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Scrooge Awards retired after successful campaign for charity Christmas cards

Howard Lake | 11 December 2014 | News

The Charities Advisory Trust will no longer run its annual Scrooge Awards to name and shame the Christmas card publishers who gave so little to charity while using the charity tag to improve their sales.
Dame Hilary Blume, founder of the Trust, believes that the campaign’s objectives have now been achieved. Now, retailers are competing for the ‘Good Fairy’ award for the largest amount going to charity. The proportions donated to charity have even reached as high as 25%.
Over the years the Charities Advisory Trust‘s campaign has received widespread coverage, even questions in Parliament, and forced retailers to observe a minimum of 10% to charity. After all, the Trust’s director Dame Hilary Blume argued, you can’t call a meat pie if it had 2% of meat in it, so why can you describe a card as a charity card if as little as 2% is given to charity?
She added:

“It’s nice to see something work. We estimate that the Scrooge Awards mean literally millions of additional pounds were raised for charity”.

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