Paul Handley and Nick Thomas launch Campfire Marketing

Howard Lake | 23 October 2014 | News

Paul Handley, former Strategy Partner at Tangible UK and MD of Tangible Response, and Nick Thomas, creative founder of Tangible, have together developed Campfire Marketing Ltd, a new full service marketing agency.
The eight-person agency, based in Cheltenham, works with both for-profit companies and charities.
Indeed, in researching the current needs of charities, the founders spoke with 23 senior marketing personnel including Directors of Fundraising. The clear message was that marketing staff and fundraisers wish to retain more control of the creative and strategic processes.
For example, clients see many agencies as expensive as they frequently ‘miss’ the intended brief and have to rework. In addition, due to greater media integration, more internal stakeholders need to get involved, yet many agencies seem ill suited to aiding this process.
Handley said:

“I was a senior client for years and always got frustrated that our involvement seemed to end after the agency was briefed. They would disappear for weeks before unveiling their ‘masterpiece’. When they got it wrong the time cost was significant.
“Working collaboratively with Campfire, the solutions get formed together; the teams learn; feel more ownership and the results are better informed.”

The agency’s services include tools like Viewfinder which helps in mapping creative to audiences, which can give charities a head start in reaching new audiences as well as ensuring creative is as effective as possible. It also offers multi-channel supporter journey development services.