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Fundraising from redundant car tax discs?

Fundraising from redundant car tax discs?

I’ve been pondering whether the end of the paper car tax disc in the UK represented any opportunities for fundraisers. There were the inevitable stories of people saving theirs in the hope that they might become sought-after collectors’ items.

That is somewhat unlikely, given the millions that have been produced. Apparently those that were printed and distributed at the end of September 2014, the very last ones to be made, might have some more value in years to come. We shall see.

Car tax disc holders

A far more effective solution has been conceived by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. They noticed that the UK’s cars will now all sport an empty plastic pocket on the inside of the windscreen where the paper tax disc used to sit.

That is a prominent place to post your fundraising or promotional message. So they have created downloadable colour images, complete with their name, for wildlife supporters to fill that gap.

There’s no fundraising ask or even a URL on it, just a striking image of wildlife or the countryside.  But it’s a clever response to a nationwide opportunity, and no doubt one that we’ll see other charities and companies exploiting.

I’m not the only person thinking that either:


Have you got any other fundraising or promotional ideas to sit in empty car tax disc holders?



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