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Giving Magazine to connect social investors worldwide with charities

Howard Lake | 8 September 2014 | News

Giving Magazine is a monthly digital magazine that will first be published in late October to connect philanthropists and social investors around the world with content about charities, causes and giving.
Giving Magazine will be offered at no charge to charitable organisations who are committed to advancing philanthropy. Charities can then embed their own stories into the magazine, before sending it via email to an unlimited number of their supporters. Giving will be published monthly, so charities will have the option to send it 12 times a year, with their content included, to their supporters.

Global audience of charities and philanthropists

Giving Magazine’s founder Roberta d’Eustachio says that there are more than one million charities around the world, and she aims to get at least 5% of them using and sharing the magazine to connect with and engage with existing and new supporters. With these organisations sharing with at least 100 to 500 of their supporters and followers, she believes Giving Magazine will reach between five and 25 million charity supporters globally.
In addition to giving away the magazine to charities and nonprofits, the magazine will be available through paid subscription to individuals, advisors, foundation staff, executives and companies. Paying subscribers can also upgrade their accounts by customising them with embedded stories as well as global, country-specific or regional sponsorship messaging and advertising.


She’s aware that this kind of audience could prove powerful, and not just in spreading best practice in investing for social impact.  The magazine could also serve to influence governments’ civil society policies.
D’Eustachio, founder of Ambassadors for Philanthropy and former Chief of Staff to the UK’s Ambassador for Philanthropy Dame Stephanie Shirley, said:


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“Based on our research, we believe that strategic philanthropy is at a tipping point. Working together, we can provide the critical mass to move it forward”.