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Advanced NFP’s Gift Aid portal helps charities reclaim £25m in tax in six months

Howard Lake | 12 June 2014 | News

The Gift Aid SAAS (software as a service) portal set up by Advanced NFP has enabled its charity clients to process over £100 million in donations in the last six months and reclaim tax of over £25 million.
It was set up to help charities meet the new online Gift Aid processing requirements introduced by HMRC in September 2013. These included the need for data cleansing processes so that charities could ensure that their claim was validated at the time of submission. Organisations that process claims in excess of 1,000 records must upload them directly to the Government Gateway.
The portal combines Advanced NFP‘s products for processing Gift Aid transactions and helps automate the claims submission process and reduce the administrative burden for charities.
Care for the Family has used the portal and achieved reduced processing times and a faster return of funds to the charity. Stuart Hellard, Systems Co-ordinator at the charity, said:

“It took just over a week for the Advanced NFP team to get the Gift Aid application up and running on our CARENG database. Gift Aid was previously managed manually which meant reclaiming tax was a slow process. The portal has automated this process resulting in significantly improved cash flow for the charity”.


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