It’s a bag, it’s a flag, it’s a BagFlag

Howard Lake | 17 September 2013 | Blogs

I've been handed far too many charity conference and fundraising events bags over the years, most of which don't get re-used. So I was pleased to see an attempt to make the promotional bag 'work harder'.

BagFlag has been created by Phil Brunger. He came up with idea after visiting a car museum, which he left with a branded flag placed in a plain white non-branded bag.

“I saw a unique opportunity to combine these two very effective promotional devices into one simple, easy to use product,” he says.

A BagFlag features a simple flagstaff that slides in and out of the bag stem. One moment it is a flag to wave at a sporting or charity event, the next it is a branded bag to take away with you after the event.

Brunger explains: "It can be deployed at exhibitions or product launches, shown as a flag to draw in the crowd and then given away as bag.  Flip that around and events can hand out BagFlag with products inside the bag, with secondary use as a flag at an event later on.  This would work fantastically well at sporting events, charity events and exhibitions.”

It comes in two sizes and is "100% recyclable" according to Brunger. It is weatherproof and designed, manufactured and printed in the UK.


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