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thankQ helps The British Ecological Society celebrate its centenary

thankQ helps The British Ecological Society celebrate its centenary

The British Ecological Society (BES) exists to advance ecology internationally and make it count at a time when finite natural resources are being used at increasing rates and it has never been more important for human society to understand its impact on ecological systems and their importance in maintaining human health.

The BES’s many activities include the publication of a range of scientific literature, the organisation and sponsorship of a wide variety of meetings, the funding of numerous grant schemes, education work and policy work.  The Society has approximately 4,000 members worldwide, and membership is open to all with an interest in ecology. 

The Society is funded through income from subscriptions, publications and its investment portfolio. It is an independent organisation that receives little outside funding.

2013 sees BES celebrate its centenary and it is organising a number of key events and publications to mark the occasion. And as interest in the organisation and its work continues to grow, BES has appointed thankQ to provide a membership and CRM system fit for a growing organisation of this stature.

As well as the thankQ membership module, which will help BES handle multiple membership types and levels, BES has also invested in the thankQ web portal which will enable members to book onto events, update contact details, renew membership and set up direct debit payments.

In addition, BES will be using thankQ to set up and manage events and event bookings, as well as using thankQ integration with MailChimp to handle bulk email communications with its members and supporters. This integration will allow BES to pull campaign tracking data from MailChimp back into thankQ, giving them an accurate picture of overall campaign effectiveness and member engagement.

Bill Bewes, Membership Officer for BES commented, “we didn’t just get a great membership system with thankQ, we also believe we’ve got a great partner. We visited the thankQ offices during the selection process and we found the team environment, culture and atmosphere to be refreshingly warm and welcoming.”

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