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Innovation Zone moves online

The Institute of Fundraising has moved its Innovation Zone online, with the aim of spreading new ideas in fundraising and helping them develop.

The Innovation Zone was originally a couple of meetings each year in which new fundraising companies pitched their ideas and products to a select group of Institute of Fundraising members. These judges then discussed the products and published their analysis for other members to learn from.

The Institute states that the online version of the Innovation Zone has been established to:


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Lucy Gowers, Innovation Director, Clayton Burnett, said:

“If we are to survive in today’s rapidly changing world we must be able to respond quickly to the changing needs of both our supporters and beneficiaries. Innovation is a business strategy to respond to change, solve problems, spot opportunities and drive ideas forward. We can’t afford not to innovate.”

Adam Bryan, Director of Partnerships at the IoF, added:

“Innovation should be at the heart of great fundraising. We would like to recognise the new breed of game changers, risk takers and those that are not afraid to swim against tide. These individuals and organisations are tapping into new and exciting ways of raising money that may only now be a seed of an idea but have the potential to inspire more people to give and become part of our everyday life.”



The first case study on the site is of Playmob which is “revolutionising fundraising through gaming”. Their system, launched in October 2012, allows a game studio to sign up, test and launch a campaign with a charity in under 2 hours. All the charity is required to do is promote the campaign.

Players can buy virtual goods within games which can boost income to the charity. This could be a virtual tree, a musical toilet or a turkey hat! Playmob ensure the item fits with the charity, and a minimum of 50% of the item cost goes to the charity.

So far over $50,000 has been raised for WWF, Help USA, SOS Children, Kitty Kind, 4 Paws for Ability, Water Aid, Action for Kids, Weforest, Special Effect and Fauna and Flora.

The Institute is inviting members to get involved or recommend someone to enter, and inviting companies to put their brightest ideas and products forward for consideration by the Innovation Zone.