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Mobile Donations and Online Raffle Initiatives Highlight of Latest ‘Innovation Zone’

Mobile Donations and Online Raffle Initiatives Highlight of Latest ‘Innovation Zone’

Bucks.Net, a technology company and e-payments gateway that facilitates donations via mobile phone, and, an online platform that charities can use to raffle prizes are the highest scoring fundraising initiatives in the ‘Innovation Zone’ that took place on Thursday 7th February. Suppliers looking to take part in the next ‘Innovation Zone’ are invited to submit their products by Friday 19th September 2008.

Three suppliers took part, presenting their products for review and assessment:

· Bucks.Net

This venture differs from many other mobile donation mechanisms as it does not include a phone call in order to collect the donation, but instead makes use of the mobile internet capacity of many mobile phones. This method enables donors to act instantly and make real-time donations. Furthermore, rather than the donation being added to a telephone bill, donations can be made via debit or credit card, either as a one-off gift or a recurring payment, directly to the charity.

· Rogavi

Introducing the traditional fundraising technique of raffles to the online arena, the site looks to generate new internet donors and create a community where users can research charities and donate in a fun environment. The venture offers the opportunity for users to both donate and win prizes at fixed odds and for charities to engage with donors.

· Charity Candles – presented by the London Candle Company

The London Candle Co. produces novelty candles for charities to sell for profit. The initiative enables charities to sell their own special candle whilst also publicising their charity or campaign. The candles can be targeted as gifts throughout the year, or timed alongside special appeals; they are marketed as a fun way to engage donors and provide an opportunity for charities to profile their logo.

Megan Pacey, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Institute of Fundraising says:

“The Institute has been delighted with the response to the Innovation Zone and is pleased to showcase these three innovative fundraising mechanisms. All of the suppliers have the potential to engage new donors and provide an alternative and interesting way to solicit donations.”

The findings of the Innovation Zone Panel have been published in a full report, exclusively for Organisational members of the Institute of Fundraising. A summary report is available for all interested parties online at

The Innovation Zone is a regular schedule of quarterly events. Suppliers and Organisational members who would like to take part or find out more are invited to email: The date for the next session is Thursday 9th October 2008


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