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Best business/charity partnership (smaller charities with under

Best business/charity partnership (smaller charities with under

For the best relationship between a charity and a business that provides benefit to the charity within the eligibility criteria.

The shortlisted entries are:

  • Alive & Kicking/John Lewis
  • Big Issue Foundation/HSBC London
  • Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation/Pasta King

Alive & Kicking/John Lewis

The Balls For Africa campaign sees Kenyan-made balls on sale in John Lewis stores across the UK on a ‘buy one, donate one’ basis. For every ball sold another is donated to a school in Kenya.

The partnership was launched for Christmas 2012 and started with 3,600 balls being made in the charity’s Kenyan workshop for sale in John Lewis.

There were three objectives: to create two months’ fair employment for 50 Alive & Kicking ball stitchers in Nairobi; to provide 3,600 balls to Kenyan schools that cannot afford equipment and to link donor to recipient like never before. Each ball came in its own box with a tracking code so the purchaser could see who will receive their donated ball.

Balls for Africa enhanced the brand of both parties with great press coverage.

Stocking charitable products supports John Lewis’s reputation as a socially responsible and progressive company and such a big retail opportunity demonstrated Alive & Kicking’s ability to produce quality products and compete in the UK market.

The sales target for the Christmas period was 2,000 balls and actually 2,500 were sold and returned 35,180 to Alive & Kicking. The campaign is being renegotiated and expanded in 20113 on the basis of its success to date.

Big Issue Foundation/HSBC London

The main objectives for HSBC were for staff to raise awareness and funding for TBIF; to develop staff by acquiring experiences outside the normal workplace and to develop a unique charity partnership. The main objectives for TBIF were to generate funds and awareness of the issue of homelessness in the UK and to ensure the key learnings from the partnership are captured and shared.

This was not intended to be a traditional charity/business partnership. Service users were involved directly with HSBC staff members by hosting vendor volunteer days – giving staff the opportunity to try to sell the magazine alongside Big Issue vendors. These acted as mutually beneficial learning experiences. HSBC has helped homeless and vulnerably housed Big Issue vendors to get advice on budgets, savings and crucially opening a bank account.

To date HSBC has volunteered more than 650 days including fundraising events, volunteer days, time and much more. The staff have also raised over £90,000 and the partnership has been extended for a further year.

Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation/Pasta King

Working with Pasta King the charity created Wallace & Gromit pasta faces with a variety of sauces for school dinners. Pasta King make a donation for every case of pasta served in schools and in just one year more than 2,000 schools now serve the pasta and they have seen up to a 40% increase in school dinner take up when the pasta is on the menu.

In the first year the shapes have raised over £25,000 for the charity. It has increased the supporter base and driven over 1,000 new schools to support the charity. Pasta King have seen a 50-60% increase in sales and a huge uplift in enthusiasm and commitment from their staff, 20 of whom took part in a sky dive, raising an additional £20,000.

This partnership has now turned into a three-year rolling contract. This is Pasta King’s first charity partnership, and it is the first such project to improve school dinners as well as raise funds for charity.

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