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Using an online ‘giving’ tool

Using an online ‘giving’ tool


At present we are not a charity and are not really looking to be.

I am looking to put on an event for many people to be involved in so they can raise money for their desired chairty.

People already have memberships with us and log in to their own profile page. 

This is the problem i am having:  We want something like a 'just giving' section added to thier profile on our site so friends can sponsor them.  Is this possible or do we need to be registered as a charity? 

Also, we are looking to give the membership 'free' is they can raise over a target amount for a chaity.  Again, can we do something like that?

I have been a little vague here I know and there is a reason for that!  We are not trying to boost our profile or anything like that, we just have a way thay could be fantastic for raising money for charities.


thanks in advance!




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