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The Summit aims to improve donor communications 'to raise billions'

The Summit aims to improve donor communications 'to raise billions'

A group of senior fundraisers, academics and practitioners are presenting a one-day conference in London for fundraising directors and charity leaders with the aim of stimulating better donor communications and raising billions of pounds more for charity.

The Summit takes place on 22 April at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.

Giles Pegram CBEIt is the work of Giles Pegram CBE and Professor Adrian Sargeant. They are bringing together 10 of the most experienced thinkers and practitioners in the fundraising sector who will present a single narrative, rather than a series of one-off presentations, designed to overhaul approaches to fundraising. Each speaker will contribute to this narrative, "producing the evidence and giving the solutions" to effect what the organisers hope will be a transformation in fundraising.

The speakers

The speakers are:

  • Ken Burnett
  • Alan Clayton
  • Pesh Framjee
  • Tod Norman
  • Bernard Ross
  • Joe Saxton
  • Kevin Schulman
  • Professor Jen Shang
  • Professor Adrian Sargeant
  • Giles Pegram CBE

Why another conference?

The organisers say that despite the major economic, social and technological changes that charities must contend with, these times also offer major opportunities to boost income. "But to do this we… must change the culture of fundraising" they say.

Pegram added: "For the first time in our lives we know for a fact that there are things we can do that will make a transformational shift in our donor income."


The Summit aims not just to approach fundraising directors but also encourages Chief Executives, Finance Directors and trustees to attend to hear how they could help support the necessary changes.

The organisers

Giles Pegram CBE set up the 1984 NSPCC Centenary Appeal raising £15 million, a record at the time. He grew income from £3 million to £145 million, while the ground-breaking FULL STOP Appeal raised £250 million.

Professor Adrian Sargeant is a Professor of Fundraising at Indiana University, Professor of Marketing at Plymouth University Business School and an Adjunct Professor of Fundraising at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

UK Fundraising is a media partner of The Summit.

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