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A Social Scoring success story

Howard Lake | 17 January 2013 | Blogs


A couple of days ago I posted about Social Scoring and the benefits of knowing who the influencers are on your charity database.  After I had put this together I came across a great example of where this was successful and the benefits of knowing who is on your database.

I happened to see a tweet from the Alzheimers Society thanking someone called Charlie for their video.  I was intrigued as the guys at Alzheimers had put a fair bit of effort into the thank you message in fact they created a video.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.


This Video intrigued me and I took a look into why.  So this is what happened –

Have you heard of Charlie McDonnell ?  Possibly not…unless you are of the demographic who he appeals to on his hugely successful Youtube channel and twitter page (@coollike) (he talks about all sorts of things mainly comedy stuff and some cool stuff around science).  He has over 500k followers on twitter and unbelievably over 1.5Million subscribers to his You Tube Channel!! (yes that was Million).  Anyway Charlie was taking part in last years Project for Awesome and decided to create a video talking about the Alzheimers Society (His grandfather having suffered from the disease).

This has to be one of the most impressive fundraiser devised videos I’ve yet seen.  With a reach of over a million people he’s got the power to not only fundraise (which he is doing on this page) but also educate people on the things to look out for with this disease.  With a Klout score of 80 (after my last post I want to emphasise that I agree Klout is all relative but when you get to 80 you have a decent idea of the influence (Stephen Fry has a score of 90)) this is a guy who can make a difference to a charity if he’s firmly behind you – which it seems he is by his video.  So I refer back to my previous post…get into your data…identify these people…and engage!

Oh and incase you were wondering – Charlie has raised over £10k for Alzheimers!  The amount raised though is almost secondary to the fantastic exposure this type of video has given to the cause.

Project For Awesome: Alzheimer's Society