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Cats Protection's MyMog app reviewed

Cats Protection's MyMog app reviewed

The allows users to create and customise their own cartoon cat. It contains an easy link to donate to Cats Protection, share news that
you have played the app via social media channels and sign up to a newsletter. The customisation is not very sophisticated, so it is really only going to appeal to the young.

Comments on its fundraising potential/record

This app is aimed, very much, at young children, and a couple of reviews noted that their children unintentially donated via the app on their behalf – so we know that the average user is very young!

Having said that, with less than 500 Andriod downloads, I am not sure this app is having much impact on the fundraising bottom line at Cats Protection yet. What I did admire was the interactive functions – such as the really easy option to sign up to a newsletter, share the app on Facebook or Twitter or the ease to which you can donate. The functionality of these aspects of the app certainly has potential.

Name of app: MyMog
Publisher/organisation: Cats Protection
Date of launch/Latest version: 9th April 2012
Cost: Free
Platform: Apple iPad/iPhone and Android
Reviews: 4/5 (Android) 4/5 (Apple)
Installs (Android) Between 100 – 500


Wendy has a background in fundraising and marketing. She has worked in the voluntary sector for over a decade and has worked for both large and small charities. She has experience of managing the delivery of major events, designing and implementing marketing and PR initiatives as well as managing bid writing and programme development functions. In her spare time, she assists with the production for an arts based radio station programme and runs a regular cabaret night and has produced a short film. She is currently Head of Fundraising Development at Tomorrow's People Trust.

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