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Discussing trends in social media for fundraising over at Le Web London

I am usually using this website to share most recent case studies of social media fundraising in action but tonight I will allow myself to look at more general trends. As some of you might have seen on-line last week Le Web conference (largest tech event in Europe dedicated to the newest trends in the IT, social media and related sectors) was hosted for the first time in London. Euan Semple, Director of Voice and Roberto Kusabbi, Communities and Social Media manager of British Heart Foundation hosted a panel discussion about the newest trends, opportunities and challenges facing nonprofits working with social media. I would like to share this session with you today to kick off discussion about reality of social media fundraising.

Let me know in the comments section how your organisation is managing the social media implementation across various silos. Do you still see it assigned mainly to the PR and marketing team? Do you use social media for events fundraising? Do you include social media channels in your databases? Considering each organisation has a different level of social media competence and various experiences, failures or successes I am sure there are many more questions we can discuss. 


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