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Life in a Day – case study of on-line engagement

YouTube Life in a Day

I could do two things: ask you to go to YouTube, click on the logo and read it all there, or try to describe why I think the ‘Life in a Day’ project is a good case study of on-line engagement.:) I will do both:)
I do suggest you check out the YouTube page today and tomorrow, as it hosts a very interesting experiment of on-line collaboration. YouTube decided to partner with Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald to invite this on-line community to participate in creation of a movie presenting 24 hrs of the life of our planet. Note that they do not intend to reward the winning entries financially, but simple propose a chance to be featured as a co-director of the movie and meet the celebrity directors. Setting this engagement with the public on very simple, non-financial conditions makes it way easier to handle. I posted about it already, but here talking to fundraisers, I would like to make only one point: it is a case study for you to learn from – even if seemingly has nothing to do with you.
So observe how YouTube will handle this, and think about the fact that if LG can do it, why not pitching Google (YouTube owners) with your next exciting, engaging idea?



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