Donate one hour to celebrate Diamond Jubilee, urges campaign

The Jubilee Hour campaign -
The gift of time

The Jubilee Hour campaign is encouraging people mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next month by committing to 60 minutes of volunteering or a similar “act of goodwill”. The hour of activity can be completed at any time during 2012.

The campaign, supported by Hello! magazine, aimed to attract one million hours of pledges. It reached that total within a day, so is aiming to increase that total further.

The Jubilee Hour, with photo of HM The Queen smiling. With a purple background

The campaign is open to individuals, businesses, clubs, charities and other organisations. People can join the Jubilee Hour campaign as an individual, family, community, company or other group.


Participants can create their own online profile page. Organisations can create a page and update it on behalf of their members or colleagues.

Previous donate an hour campaigns have included The Children’s Promise campaign which urged people to donate the value of their last hour of work in 1999 to mark the coming Millennium. This was complemented by the First Cheque 2000 campaign to encourage people to make their first cheque of the new Millennium a charitable gift.

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