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Institute of Fundraising asks for views on future of cheques

The Institute of Fundraising is asking its members to contribute their views on the future of cheques as a donation method. It is running a short online survey.
Last year the Institute of Fundraising and other bodies succeeded in persuading the Payments Council to overturn its original recommendation to abolish the cheque in 2018. Many charities still receive substantial income in donations sent in by cheque.
Of course, the use of the cheque is in decline. In the UK, 11 million cheques were used each day in 1990 but by 2009 this had dropped to 3.5 million a day. Usage is continuing to drop by 10% per year.
The Institute of Fundraising is working with charity payments specialist Rapidata Services plc to explore the issues and challenges still facing charities who rely on donations by cheque. It will report its findings to the Payments Council and relevant Government Departments to ensure that charities’ voices continue to be heard in policy discussions on the issue. The Institute says that responses to the online survey will be kept anonymous.