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Institute asks for examples of poor direct mail campaigns

The Institute of Fundraising is asking its members to submit examples of direct mail appeals that do not follow its code of good practice. It aims to use the material to highlight the distinction between poor and good direct mail practice to clarify best practice standards.

The Institute published its Direct Mail Code of Fundraising Practice last year. However, it is aware that the use of incentives, shock tactics and the frequency of mailings remain contentious issues.

So it is asking members to send it examples of campaigns that, for example, use incentives that bear little or no relevance to the topic, or campaigns that rely heavily on the use of guilt to prompt a response.


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The examples will then be “analysed by sector experts” who will provide examples of those that abide by the Code and those that demonstrate poor practice.

By doing so the Institute aims to “ensure a successful direct mail future for those following the Institute’s Code.”

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