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Click Collection jumps into action

Click Collection jumps into action

Although the website will not launch for a few weeks yet, it has already helped its first customer. Anna, a 33 year-old mother of one and Product Manager from Hertfordshire, was disappointed when a charity that had promised to collect her bags of clothes did not turn up. She was moving house the next day, so her four bags looked as if they were heading for the dump. But she did an Internet search and found .

Although not yet officially open for business, Click Collection made a special pick-up within hours of hearing about Anna’s plight. “It is very demoralising when someone makes an effort for charity but the beneficiary doesn’t match their commitment. We felt that the charity world desperately needs people like Anna to stay on board, so we jumped into action and helped out our very first customer. We aim to make it easy for everyone to do the right thing when it comes to clothes recycling” said David Alder, Operations Director at Click Collection.

Anna had experienced other problems in the past too. “Anna told us that she had previously put out no less than 20 bags for a cancer charity to pick up, but they were all stolen. That’s just terrible. She felt that the Click Collection system of secure home pick-up is the right answer. And she likes the idea of her goods being available for anyone in the country to buy in our online multi-charity shop, instead of going to a single charity shop in her small town. She promised to use our service in future and to recommend it to all her friends”, Alder added.

Anna’s clothes will be sold in the Click Collection shop as soon as the site is live, to raise money for the children’s charity, Action for Children.

Click Collection is open to all UK charities. Anyone interested to learn more about the novel Click Collection approach to hassle-free income from charity retailing, without retail premises, should contact David Alder at

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