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Charity Commission website

Charity Commission website

About two months ago I was giving a presentation to fundraisers in Bristol when someone pointed out to me that the Charity Commission had just tweaked its website to allow us to search for Grantmakers. I usually learn something from colleagues when I make presentations, but that one certainly took me by surprise, as I had seen no coverage of this improvement.

I decided to contact Press Enquiries at the Charity Commission, and have just been told that they might mention this change in their next newsletter. I was also told that they are going to be conducting some research next year into what people want to know about charities, to help the Charity Commission in looking at what information it should be asking charities for.

I think that we should be interested in contributing to that consultation, so if you have not already done so, please think about signing up for news alerts from the Charity Commission. Feel free to praise them for continuing to develop the website, and also feel free to suggest further improvements.

It’s good to know that the financial constraints under which they operate are not preventing some improvements to the website.

Finbar Cullen

Finbar Cullen established ResearchPlus in 2005 to provide fundraising research services for the not-for-profit sector. He researches people, companies and grant-making trusts and foundations, mostly in the UK, but also other parts of the world. Finbar has published directories of “unpublished” grant-making trusts (registered with the Charity Commission and with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator), and each month he contributes to The Trust List, highlighting newly registered grant-making trusts worthy of particularly close attention.

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