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JustGiving seeks angels to spread the giving this Christmas

Howard Lake | 5 December 2011 | News

While JustGiving has helped raise over £770 million for 12,000 charities so far, it does acknowledge that donations do tend to favour the larger, more well-known charities. So in the run-up to Christmas it is trying to adjust the balance a little by inviting people to ‘be an angel’ by adopting one of the smaller charities and help ‘spread the giving’

“Seven out of every ten donations we receive go to just 140 charities”, explains JustGiving’s website.

In its ‘SpreadTheGiving’ campaign participants will receive charity chosen at random from the less successful charities on JustGiving, and be encouraged to ‘become their angel’ and donate £5 or more. Then can then tell their friends and family and invite them to add their donations.


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JustGiving Spread the Giving

The most successful smaller charities to benefit from SpreadTheGiving so far are:

* The Broom Street Children Project (£100)

* Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land (£68)

* Hawk Conservancy Trust (£61)

* The Lake District Calvert Trust (£50)

* Hives Save Lives – Africa (£50)

Within two hours of the launch of the campaign on 2 December, 100 angels had already donated £1000 and now there are nearly 300 angels.