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Focus Ireland’s income held up in 2012

Howard Lake | 29 November 2013 | News

Homelessness charity Focus Ireland has reported fundraising income of €5.5 million in 2012, marginally below the figure for the previous year.
The charity’s largest source of income is derived from donors who contributed €3.1 million (57% of income) in the form of one gifts and regular giving. In 2012 Focus had 7,000 regular donors.
Focus launched two new corporate fundraising events in 2012 which contributed towards the 19% of income raised by businesses. Shine a Light Night was launched in October where business leaders were invited sleep out to raise money. A total of 55 Irish business leaders participated and raised €350,000.
The Christmas ‘Sponsor a Star’ event raised €250,000 while ‘Bake or Buy,’ which encouraged employees of companies to either bake of buy a cake, raised €50,000. Corporate partnerships with Aviva and Bord Gais raised €101,000 and €40,000 respectively.
Events accounted for 8% of income with the highlight the annual Four Peaks Challenge which raised €300,000. Community fundraising activities throughout Ireland raised €259,000,
Thirty three people left legacies to Focus Ireland which totalled €407,000 (7% of income).
The charity had an outlay of  €1.7 million on fundraising expenses, up from €1.4 in 2011. Fundraising income makes up around a third of Focus’s total income.
Last year Focus Ireland achieved a 10% increase in income.
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