Karuna Trust puts thankQ telethon module to the test

Howard Lake | 24 June 2011 | News

Karuna Trust is the first thankQ customer to go live with the thankQ telethon module – an outbound calling facility that puts the customer in control of their telethon event, whether it is being managed in-house or via a third party provider.
The telethon module allows users to design the tasks that will be enabled during the calling process – from simply changing contact and employment details to taking donations and setting up direct debits and Gift Aid declarations. Users can also specify what data will be visible to callers – specific attributes and mailing list membership for example.
There is an optional light calling application that works easily outside the office for customers using third party providers to process calls. This makes use of a dynamic call script that directs callers through each call and ensures that contacts receive a highly relevant and a consistent customer experience.
And thankQ’s powerful reporting tools provide a complete overview of the telethon event in real time -from managing individual caller progress to overseeing the whole telethon itself. Campaign supervisors can see how many calls have been made, how successful each call has been and how many calls are outstanding. And once the telethon is over, a summary report provides information on the success of the campaign and how much income it has generated.
Paul Powell, IT Manager at Karuna Trust said ‘Telethon’s tight integration into thankQ has greatly simplified our administration compared to using the separate application we used beforehand. We used thankQ’s standard searches to load people into the telethon, and the reporting capabilities to analyse our results. Using the integrated web-based calling application made deploying the application very simple indeed. We are looking forward to seeing how the module develops as more customers start to use it.’

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