Mobile fundraising app now available in UK

Howard Lake | 2 June 2011 | News

Red Nose Day Fundraising

Regular giving specialist Rapidata Services plc has announced the UK release of the Mobile Fundraising App for iPhone and Android mobile phones, offering supporters the chance to manage, track and promote their sponsored events. For charities, it offers a tool to capitalise on emergency appeals and event-based fundraising, with the benefit of being customisable and reflecting each charity’s branding.
The app was first seen in the UK in a pilot project for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day that saw over 3,700 participants download the free iPhone app.
It was developed by Rapidata’s Canadian-based partner, digital fundraising company Artez Interactive, which works with Comic Relief in the UK. Rapidata and Artez have configured the app for the UK’s charity sector, including the essential functionality to make donations via Gift Aid.

Charities & nonprofits now have access to iPhone, iPad & iTouch tools to leverage the power of mobile technology. The Artez iPhone app for fundraising events or campaigns is an innovative way to give participants plenty of options for fundraising on the go.
Rapidata say that the tool is simple for charities to implement and “is available at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to create a custom built product”.
The app allows supporters to make secure person-to-person donations via credit card and PayPal using the mobile web, and is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, email and the phone’s address book, enabling supporters to ask for support from their family and friends and other contacts.
Scott Gray, MD of Rapidata, said: “The Mobile Fundraising App offers the reassurance of a charity’s own branding coupled with the immediacy of mobile and a reach to over 11 million smart phone users in the UK.”
Rapidata has already optimised its fundraising web page products to enable mobile web access and the incorporation of tracking, reporting and analysis of mobile users.

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