CAF Charity Trends

I have taken a quick look at the new CAF Charity Trends website. I like the search functions that it provides, and look forward to seeing how it compares with Guidestar UK, especially as Guidestar UK is not the website that it once was. Like Guidestar UK, the new CAF website also draws on Charity Commission data – the Annual Return form. It is due to be updated every month. However, not every registered charity is required to complete every field of information in the Annual Return form, so it is therefore not possible to display all information for all charities. The idea is that “CAF Charity Trends will allow donors to search, find and choose to support some of the smaller charities who work hard to create a better society for all and who have found the last few years so difficult due to the economic circumstances.” You can download lists, based on your searches.
While both Guidestar UK and the Charity Commission websites allow you to search by income, the new CAF website allows you to search by income, and eight other financial criteria, as well as by the number of volunteers and staff. Check out the full range of search options on the CAF Charity Trends website.

Finbar Cullen


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